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Company's products designed and developed for international market
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Network Monitoring Solutions

NetVizura is our first product designed and developed to be used on the international market. It has been prepared meaningfully and carefully for years, in tight cooperation with experts from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade.
This was a great challenge as we were entering a big market and facing great competition.

NetVizura is a software for bandwidth monitoring, network traffic and log analysis, security information and event management, that helps admins save valuable time for network, system and security management.
We focused our software on easy-to-use interface showing the right information for the network problem that is being solved, and flexible configuration abilities that can cover any specific needs.

Network monitoring solutions specially tailored for net admins…

Our two main modules: NetFlow Analyzer – solution for network traffic analysis and troubleshooting based on Cisco NetFlow and IPFIX protocols, and EventLog Analyzer – solution for collection and archiving Syslog and SNMP traps. Free MIB Browser and DNS Checker are also integrated in the same framework.

NetFlow Analyzer

Bandwidth monitoring, network traffic investigation, analysis and reporting.

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EventLog Analyzer

Identifies security incidents, policy violations, and operational issues

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Free MIB browser

Enables view, search and request data available through SNMP

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Free DNS checker

Web service for testing the health of your DNS domain and DNS servers

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We have created live demo, for quick and easy view of the application and its possibilities