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Who we are

We are software development and ICT consulting company, based in Serbia. Since 2006, we have been growing steadily and now we count around 60 employees and consultants. We focus on quality, client satisfaction and building strong relationships with partners. Our best recommendation is a number of successfully delivered projects, implemented in various industry verticals and a strong reference list of highly relevant clients.

Our Vision

To be internationally recognized as professional and reliable ICT partner and leader in building new technologies.

Our Mision

True dedication to excellence in building better practices and higher business standards in order to ensure advancement for everyone.

Market share

Our solutions developed for recognizable clients in Government, Finance, Telecommunication and Education verticals, have made a significant mark on some of the core ICT transformations in the region. This brought us wider recognition as a reliable partner and a software developer, consistent in quality.

Government 0
Finance 0
ICT & Education 0


Network monitoring, E-government, process support and information aggregation and analysis solutions

E-Government solution in over 30 municipalities

Integrated information system of Health Insurance Fund of Serbia

Production information system of National Bank of Serbia — The Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins

Information System for Central registry of Compulsory Social

Customer Master Data Management System Electric Power Industry of


Network monitoring and stock market solutions

Network monitoring solution used in over 15 mayor banks and financial institutions in Serbia including the Nation Bank of Serbia, The Treasury – Ministry of Finance, Republic of Serbia, Post of Serbia

Stock market smartphone application

ICT & Education

Network monitoring solution

Beotel ISP, Public Enterprise, Post of Serbia

National Research and Education network of Serbia

Academic institutions in USA and Europe