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We are a place for innovative, creative, nice and generous people. Our organization strives to create the best possible environment for people to grow and learn.

Powerful Thinking Drives Innovation

We have been growing steadily, from the academic background, and we now feel strong enough to encourage people for personal advancement. By continuously working on creating extraordinary developers, we are growing the industry and each and every individual.

Skills, Knowledge and Expertise

We are proud to have some of the best senior developers on the market, in our teams, and happy to say they deliver constant value to the quality of all our products, making it possible to be better every day.

Familiarity and Friendship

We are not one of the companies forcing team buildings and superficial friendships. We rather look for our employees carefully, dedicated to finding one that would fit the company completely and be a natural part of our small community

Different options

As we are Product and IT services company, you are always able to choose what would you rather do... be a part of our own product or change projects and learn from variety of different technologies and frameworks.

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We encourage Agility and are supporting all of our teams to embrace Scrum, Kan-ban or any other Agile methodology.

We are always looking for great candidates and if this looks like something you would like to be a part of, please send us your resume anytime…

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